Margaret and Donna Chadwick

The picture above shows two sisters, me with the glasses and Donna without. Me and Donna are very close and get on really well. There is very little that comes between me and Donna and if anything does it's not long before we make up and forget all about it. Me and Donna are 2 out of 8 girls that my mum has and I am the youngest at 22 years old and Donna is the third youngest at 28 years old.

Me and Donna are very happy and caring people. We find it easy to get on with many, many people and we do not discriminate against anyone because we're all the same on the inside <3.  We love to meet new people and come away from everything with new friends.
Me and Donna have many of the same tastes when it comes to life and what makes us happy. We both have a love for animals, music, shopping, books and YouTube. We love to celebrate the holidays when we have the chance. Our two favourites are Halloween and Christmas. We love the decorations and the fun that comes with both holidays.

All of our life we have never had too much as we just haven't been able to afford it. Being poor isn't the nicest of things and sometimes we can barely afford the important things like food. There are nights we have had to go without food because my mum couldn't afford to provide it for us. My mum is unable to work as she has health problems. In fact I am set as her carer because of her health issues. Although we don't have much right now we do our best to just get on with our lives and cope with the situation we are in with the hope that CDM will help us change our lives and that of my mums.

Margaret Chadwick

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